Unsure where to post this… colposcopy no smear…

To cut a long story short I have a few health conditions pcos and hashimotos but I started getting bleeding after sex and multiple inbetween period bleeds. I went to my gp who said she thought it was down to my pill.

I was seen by gyno, looked okay just follicles but sent for an ultrasound and colposcopy to be sure.

Ultrasound came back fine. Went for my colposcopy Thursday they didn’t expect to see anything just to tick box. Took a complete turn she could see mild and moderate abnormalities. Didn’t show me the screen took a biopsy and the whole thing was a little traumatic because I was not expecting any of it.

There was three women one was trying to calm me down after as I went faint and lost hearing I think from the shock then explained what was just done. I could hear the woman on the phone talking really quietly but heard my name and details. I’m probably overthinking everything but I am really panicked right now.

My last smear was clear nothing. I’m struggling to understand what’s just happened and how. Sorry I don’t know what to expect and don’t know where to look online. Has anyone had this experience? Am I worrying over nothing?

I think because she said to me she’d show me my cervix prior. Then didn’t. Then the shock and the quiet talking I’m spiralling.

Hello @Shyxo, didn’t want to read and run. I am so sorry that you colposcopy was traumatic. I am currently awaiting mine. I fully understand how you feel re suddenly having an abnormality thrust upon you when you were not expecting it. The best advice I can give you is to write down any questions you have and reach out to the hospital (or maybe your GP?) for answers. It is impossible to think clearly on the day when you are suddenly told distressing information.

I hope this helps - thinking of you.

Shyxo, I also had the feeling faint and ears ringing after my first biopsy! I think you are right, our bodies go into shock and survival mode in that situation. Hopefully the results come back quickly and you will have answers, but mild to moderate changes are very treatable, if they even need treatment at all.