Unsure if right place to post- symptoms! Please help :(

hi ladies originally joined year and half ago with cin 3...fast forward to now and have recently had a pinkish/ browny streaked beige discharge after sex! Docs want to send me for another colposcopy due to cin 3 history and I'm not going to lie I'm petrified that with the year time frame they've missed something and it's cc...what symptoms did you ladies get but also has any one had this where it's has come back as cc after being cleared of cin thank you in advance x

Hi Mariew,

I can't speak for symptoms after treatment, as I'm in the middle of chemo and radiation right now, but I absolutely understand why you would first assume the cancer is returning. 

Try to remember that there are MANY reasons for discharge. It could simply be a yeast infection or bacterial imbalance. 

Waiting is probably the hardest part... I hope you get the doctor soon and figure this out! 


Happy thoughts :)




Hello Marlew :-)

Please don't be petrified, even if it has turned into cc it's very treatable and not nearly as scary as it sounds from the outside.

Be lucky :-)