unsucessful treatment

Hi ladies, ,Im new on here and need some advice. February 2012 i had my  first borderline smear result, 6 months later i had another smear and was abnormal with HPV so has colposcopy. results can back that CIN2. Had laser treatment in November. Had 6 month check up smear end of May 2013  have borderline and HPV. 

Really worried as i thought the treatment was suppose to be 100% effective. Got colposcopy next week,  worried things have got worse :(

Anyone else had similar experience? 


for most ladies the treatment is 100% but for a handful of us it doesnt get everything, try not to worry too much, my second round of treatment was sucessful. Its good that you have another colposcopy soon so they can get a better idea of what is still lurking but with the result being borderline there is a good chance that it wont be anything serious.

aw thank you, i feel little less stressed now x 



Just wanted to say I know how you feel! I had cin3 removed and on my follow up got borderline/mild changes. It is really gutting when for most people their smear is clear. Hang on in there, hopefully the colp will show there is nothing to worry about


Cat x 

Thank  you Cat. Will let you know how i get on x 

been for colscopsy this morning and good news Only have a small amount of abnormal cells so no biopies needed  to be taken. back to 3 yearly smear. so relieved!