Unsatisfactory smear result, referred for Colposcopy...

Hi,  I just want some advice/support/reassurance really! on 26th Nov I had my 4th repeat smear test in the last 18 months.  I was due to have a routine smear in 2010 but then found out I was pregnant so they said they would contact me after the birth to arrange one then.  Summer 2011 I had my rescheduled one and it came back unsatisfactory so I was asked to have a repeat.  This repeat came back as bordeline so I was told I would need a repeat one in 3 months.  Again it came back as unsatisfactory so they said we would wait 12 months and do another one.  This was done 2 weeks ago - my doctor said she was concerned that I had had so many unsatisfactory results and that she would take 2 samples to test as a safeguard and that if they came back unsatisfactory, I woule be referred for a colposcopy.  My smear was extremely painful, which she seemed surprised about and she also mentioned I had excessive discharge.  Now this is something I have been struggling with since I had my baby and have seen another doc about, had swabs taken for STDs (which I was confident I would not) and also for bacterial vaginosis which all came back clear and I was offered no further tests or treatment.  This has affected my self-confidence as I constantly feel unclean.  This time my doc took swabs again but again, have come back clear but still an unsatisfactory smear result.  So now I am worrying - I have been unable to use tampons for the last few months as they are too uncomfortable and also painful when sitting down.  I get sharp pain in my lower abdomen off and on, particularly when wearing jeans, and after my smear test, I bled quite a lot and was in quite a bit of discomfort for a couple of days which has never happened before.  I am worried that these things are enhanced now I am worrying though if that makes sense?! My doc asked if intercourse is painful, which it hasn't been really, but then without being too crude, wouldn't necessarily be possible from my partner!


I am now waiting for a date for my colposcopy and have no idea what to expect, how to prepare, what it means etc.  I know it is likely everything will be fine, but then there's the tiny voice that says if it was fine, it would have come back normal the first time...My partner is trying to be understanding and I am trying to take my mind off it, but it's hard and then I get carried away thinking about the worst case scenario and 'what ifs'. 


Has anyone else had a similar experience to this as all the forums and advice I have read refer to abnormal results, not repeatedly unsatisfactory ones and the outcome.

Hiya i have just read your comment and thought i reply.

I have had 2 Colposcopys scince march and i am having my 3rd on the 18th dec. As far as the colposcopy goes it is similar to a smear however they look at your cervix through a colposcope (a bit like binoculars) they dont go inside they stay externally. They may put a vinegar type liquid on your cervix that helps to show up any "problem" areas and then iodine, this can sting a little bit but nothing unbearable. Where i go to they have a big screen that projects the images so you can see your own cervix if you like (i find it fascinating and it can almost make it seem like an outer body experience). They might opt to take a couple of biopsies (very tiny pin head size) but they will give you a local aneasthetic for that and will advise you to abstain from sex for a few weeks.

I think the other concerning thing for me other than what they find is embarrassment, im 25 and all this came from my first smear and i'd never had anything Gynae done before, however i think the majority of women feel the same in these situations.  

As far as your symptoms go i experience that same kind of issues, i have confirmed grade 1 and 2 Cervical Intra-epithelial Neoplasms which are pre-cancerous changes to the cervix, mine are caused by the Human Papiloma Virus which is responsble in most of these kind of changes, however for some reason my body has an issue with dealing with the virus (most people clear it up by themselves with no changes occuring). Because of my age they are hoping that my cervix will return to normal with no need for intervention.

I hope this is reassuring for you please feel free to message me