Unsatisfactory colposcopy

Hi everyone,

Ive had hrHPV for last last 4/5 years and then an annoying run of inadequate smears, where I ended up asking to be referred to colposcopy as I was just so frustrated. March 22 I had my first appt, and they saw HPV but no concerns so brought back again in march 23. It was at this years colposcopy appt they said i have type 3 cervix (so the transformation zone goes into the cervical canal, so cant be fully seen). I was a little upset that i felt like id been told everything was fine last year but they couldnt actually see the important areas!

The smear taken at this years colposcopy appt also came back as inadequate. So i was offered a ‘diagnostic lletz’ . I had this yesterday and luckily havent had any pain or bleeding. I just wondered if anyone on here has also had a lletz due to unsatisfactory colposcopy rather than known cell changes, and how it went for you? I easily fall down the rabbit hole and my mind lands on the worst case scenarios which is exhausting. Xx