Unofficial "meet" in Leeds - November

Hi all,

Don’t think I am going to be able to make this lets meet now, as its my sisters fella’s birthday that weekend, and thats the night he wants us all to go out for a few drinks, am guttered but will def try and make the next one, hope you all have a lovely evening and have lots of fun

Mel x x

Hey Mel,

Not sure if you know but we are meeting for lunch not for the evening, so hopefully u might still be able to make it.!!!

I hope so.


Hi Elaine,
I’m really gutted, i was so lookin forwards to meeting up in Leeds, but I’ve got another infection and this one is a bitch… chest, sinuses, ears and throat :evil: :evil: , so i’m on mega- biotics and feel like s**t, I just get over one infection and another one comes along, och well never mind, have a lovely time and have a few drinks for me xx Fi

Hi all,

Just a final post to say looking forward to tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing u all.

1pm in TGI Fridays, Kirkstall Road, Leeds…

If anyone wants my mobile number, just pm me and I will give it to u.

See you all tomorrow.


Hello everyone, sorry to let you know at the 11th hour but myself and JoJo won’t be coming along to the meet today. Jo’s son is poorly and as we were going to come together and as I don’t really know anyone else very well I am going to wait until the next one. We had both been looking forward to it so are very sorry that we won’t be coming. Hope you all have a wonderful time xxx


Thanks for your message. Just received it now, but hadnt connected u with Jo until u said… No problem.

Its a shame that you didnt make it, we had a lovely afternoon. Maybe next time. 30th January.!!!

Take Care.