Unofficial "meet" in Leeds - November

Hi everyone,

I know a few of us have talked about a get together sometime before xmas - maybe lunch out on a Saturday or a nite out…

What does everyone fancy doing??? Maybe meet for tea/drinks one Friday? Or a Sat afternoon?

I thought November mite be a good time - 20th? 21st? or is that too close to xmas.

Whats everyones thoughts.


Hi Elaine,
I would be interested in meeting in Leeds. We live 1hr 30 from Leeds and I love Leeds for shopping. We could have tea at Harvey Nicks, it would be great. Jill xxx

Hi Elaine

Count me in! The Manchester meet was great, so I’d definately be up for another one!
Either suggestion is fine with me, and I haven’t been to Leeds for yonks.

Looking forward to it already!

Love Jo xx

Hi Elaine!

Would be great to meet up again. Never been to Leeds but sure that I can hope on a train over the Pennines!

That November date is great by me and don’t mind either day or evening or perhaps one might run into the other :lol:

loads of love


Hi girls,

20th or 21st Nov would be good for me,

Mel x x


It is DEFINATELY going to be 20th or 21st. How about meeting for lunch around 1.30 on Saturday then and a few drinks in the afternoon, so people can get home before it gets too late/expensive/busy…

OR alternatively meet on Friday evening around 6pm.

I am happy to do either.!!! Where shall we go.


Bugger! I am such a div and am double booked. Am so sorry but won’t be able to make that weekend. :x
that will teach me for not having a consolidated diary gggrrr

was looking forward to a trip to Leeds too

Ooh that sounds great. I couldn’t get there for a Friday evening but could definitely do a Saturday lunchtime.

Keep me posted. At the minute I have no bookings for that weekend so I will keep it free.



Then the Sat lunchtime it is… Will be easier for people I think.

So date for diary Sat 21st November it is. Probably about 1.00/1.30 ish - Venue to be confirmed.

Looking forward to it… Get your trains booked girls.


Hey listen you,never mind get the trains booked GIRLS,I can’t believe you have,nt invited me lol xxx

                                              Love Bob xxx

Then u had best get yours booked too mr…

We will see you on Sat 21st Nov… ALL OF U.


Oooh, please can I come too? I’d love to meet some of the northern Jo’s contingent.

absolutely yes Sarah Bear.

The more the merrier…

I wont book anywhere yet for eats - will do that at beginning of Nov, but its defo gonna be the Sat 21st Nov at approx 1.30 ish so put it in your diary, book trains etc and will keep you posted.


Hi ladies

As you know Elaine, I am a rare breed of woman who is obsessed by football, and my team are indeed at home that day. I am however prepared to miss it to spend a day with you!
All joking aside, I’d love the chance for a good catch up again, and you can count me in!

Looking forward to it already

Love Jo xx

hi darlin, is there room for a little one lol??? xx Fi

Oh yes,

Defo. The more the merrier.

I will post again when I get back from my hols - around 5th November and get a headcount so can book somewhere…


my name is Laura, not sure how all this works, is it open to anyone because I would love to come.
I’m doing a charity trek to Peru in April 2010 for Jo’s Trust and love girly get to gethers.
Hope I can come love Laura x
I had stage 2a cervical cancer with chemo and radiotherapy and selectron, 7 years clear Yippee!


Ok everyone, Back from hols now and the lovely Debi has booked a table at TGI Fridays in Leeds - Kirkstall Road (will give full address soon, but not too far from train station).

she has booked the table for 1pm so we just need to sort out confirmed numbers now please.

So far I have
Sarah Bear

If I have missed anyone I am sorry, or if your name is above and you now cant make it, let me know asap.

OR if you want to come, either facebook me (the event is on their) OR respond to this thread and will add your name on.

If you dont want to come for eats, but just want to sit and chat, or join us later for a drinkie poo then thats fine. Let me know and I will pm u my mobile so that you can contact me once u arrive in Leeds later.

Hope that everyone comes as its a great way of meeting people face to face in an informal setting. Dont be afraid of not knowing anyone or being left alone as it wont be like that and many people wont have ever met each other before.

Hi Elaine, hope you had a super holiday?..and hello to everyone reading this!!!

I would like to pop my name down (Beth) for the meal please.

Just wanted to say to peeps who may be unsure whether to come or not, that I did not know anyone when I went to an unofficial meet in Manchester a few months ago and I’m not that confident in posting on here but thinking of what a wonderful night it was still gives me a warm glow all over! It was a truly special evening and i’m really looking forward to Leeds! Have booked week end off work already! Woop woop!

Take care,
See you soon xx

Hi Elaine

Please will you add me and Tessa to the list. We’re really looking forward to seeing you all there! :smiley:

Kind regards