Unofficial Manchester Meet - Cancelled

Hi All,

I’d like to arrange an unofficial meet in Manchester some time October/November. I was thinking a tea/lunch (reasonably priced) and perhaps a drink somewhere after for members and partners??

Could you let me know your thoughts? It would be great to meet up with members in the local area!

Any help with arrangements greatly appreciated.


hi Kathryn,

i think it would be nice to meet up together here in Manchester.
It sounds great :slight_smile:

Gosia xx

Hi Kathryn

I’m in Manchester and I would love to meet up with some of the girls. I’m off to India though in about three weeks and I doubt we could get arrangements together before then so I may miss it :frowning:

If its soon though count me in. How about somewhere around Albert Sqaure for a bit of something to eat and a drink? This is near enough to both Picadilly and Victoria train stations for anyone coming from outside the central Manchester area. If we met at about 6 one Saturday this would give us enough time for a good old natter before last trains etc at 11.

Hopefully we can get something sorted quite soon so I could attend, but if not then I am sure there will be others in the future for me to gatecrash.


Thanks Gosia and Sophie.

There must be more of us in the Manchester/Lancs area!

Please let me know if you are interested.


i live near manchester and would be up for it!!

Wonder if we could get a meet in before Sophie goes away. Everyone free Saturday 17th October, lunch?

Any ideas as to good places for a light lunch and a drink after?


Hi hun,

Last time we had a “meet” in Manchester, we went to Blue Velvet (I think it was called) on
Canal Street. Food was really good value and place lovely. We went early evening so not sure what its like at lunchtime.


I’m free 17th October on Saturday for lunch :slight_smile:
It would be so great :slight_smile:


The place is called Velvet Hotel on Canal Street and does have good internet reviews- thanks Elaine.

So, can you let me know if you can make it, Velvet hotel, around lunchtime, Saturday October 17th and I’ll get a table booked for us?

I’ll ask if we can have a drink in the bar later, in case anyone doesn’t fancy the lunch and just wants to join us for a drink. If not, I’ll look for a local pub and check it’s open.

Gosia, I can give you a lift. Anyone else on the way from Chorley, be happy to pick you up- will have 2 more spaces (little car!).

Please let me know as soon as possible all those who can make it.



Hi Kathryn,

it sounds so great - i know i will be for sure 17th October and it will be fantastic to go with you together to Manchester :slight_smile:
I can go only this Saturday because 25th October i fly to Poland and stay 2 weeks with my family over there.
Kathryn i bring wine which was made by my dad so next time we can taste it :slight_smile:

See you this Thursday anyway :slight_smile:
Gosia xxx

Hi girls, i would be really interested in coming, i’v not been on the forum for a while so have only just seen this! Is everyone going by themselves, or are you taking your partners?
Ally x

Hi Midnight,

I didn’t get a great response, so Gosia and I just met up and went for coffee. We both live in Chorley. However, it would be great to meet up.

Where abouts in the NW are you? We could all meet half way, no other halves for us at the moment- but pleased to meet yours if you want bring them along!