Unintended exertion!

Hi lovely ladies, just after some advice.

Had a 2nd Lletz exacty a week ago, the pain was unbearable and ended up finding out i had an infection and a water infection! Yey! ;(

Anyhow on sunday so 6 days post lletz my mum had an accident and i had to get help, forgetting about myself i ran no sprinted lol to get someone and shortly after had stabbing pains in my tummy and bright red bleeding, i assumed this was due to running like a mad man!

The bleeding is there but minimal now but still experiencing some pain, do i go back to the docs or go with the flow?

Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance xx

Hi Boggis :-)

It is always better to check with real medical personnel. The women here are supportive, sympathetic and understanding but we aren't trained. I would say it's almost certain to be down to running about like a mad person but pain and bleeding should always be checked out just in case.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli its nice to have a response from people, i have spoken to the colposcopy clinic and have been told to rest! Hard during half term with two childen!

Just wish everything didnt take soo long! 6 weeks is a very long time to find out if im needing a hysterectomy or not! lol