Unilateral transverse laceration after lletz (full text)

Hi all,

I had a lletz a few years ago but have since had trouble with pain during sex. Gp looked at cervix, said it didn’t look normal and referred me for colposcopy. Gynae found what looks to me like a unilateral transverse laceration (cervix essentially looks like a donut with a slit on one side of the ring, you can see what it looks like if you search unilateral transverse laceration cervix in google) during the colposcopy he explained to me that the cervix hadn’t healed properly after the lletz, but said it was very unusual and he didn’t understand why it had healed that way. Did a biopsy and all came back fine. While he was writing up notes to gp he seemed to struggle to find the right words to describe what he had found, but eventually settled on describing it as ‘two cervical polyps’. However after doing some research myself to better understand what a polyp is, I wouldn’t say it’s looks anything like what a polyp is usually described as but more like a unilateral transverse laceration. I understand that these are usually caused during labour but can also happen with lletz.

So what I’m wondering is has anyone else been diagnosed with a unitaleral transverse laceration like this, or a polyp that looks like what I have described? And was it repaired if a laceration? Did it cause issues during labour/pregnancy? Or if a polyp was it removed? Or did it cause any issues conceiving/during pregnancy or labour with dilating?

Also if either of these did they cause problems with having a cervical stitch if needed during pregnancy?

Thanks everyone!

My cervix was torn during labor with my first. The midwife in training ripped a Foley bulb catheter out from above my cervix when I was only dilated to two cm. The bulb is supposed to put pressure on your cervix from the inside and when you reach five cm it’s supposed to fall out but mine was ripped out and I scream and started bleeding. That labor I did have trouble dilating properly probably from the damage they had done but thankfully my baby was born okay. Afterwards I had a scar that sounds very similar to yours. Three years later I gave birth again and did not allow a Foley bulb. I dilated just fine and my baby was born in three pushes!