Ungraded results

Hi, i stumbled across this forum whilst searching for some answers,

I am 24 years old, i had my first smear in april this year and it came back as borderline changes and hpv was detected,

i was reffered for a colposcopy and biopsy whih i went for 11th june,my results came back 2 weeks ago saying that the results were ungraded and the dr would speak to the pathologist about management?

also there was evidence of a viral infection?? 

pplease can someone help me as i dont quite understand what this all means?none of my friends or family seem to know much about this and the letters from the hospital can be a little confusing and internet searches havent proved to be successful.

any help is appreciated as i suffer dreadfully from anxiety, and waiting for letters has got me very very on edge!



Hello Hannah, I had the exact same results as you, borderline smear and hpv positive. Then my biopsy result came back as ungraded. They booked me in for the lletz treatment, and I asked the obvious question, what did ungraded mean... the consultant said that my biopsy result was undecided between CIN 2 and CIN 3. Either way they both require treatment of which I had back in march, it was fine, the biopsy was worse. So In your case maybe your biopsy result was undecided between either CIN 1 and 2, or CIN 2 and 3. They don't treat CIN 1, they watch and wait, so maybe your doc is going to discuss management / treatment as they want a second opinion if to treat or watch and wait. Either way honestly it's not as bad as it sounds so please don't worry too much xxx