Ungradable MDT meeting

Hello all.Anyone else been through the following…I had my smear and results stated that I had severe abnormalities and within 2 weeks I was at the colposcopy clinic. I was informed my the nurse then the consultant that I had severe changes which were high grade pre camcerous and asked a load of questions which I assume are routine and if I was happy to have treatment the same day. When the consultant checked my cervix she then turned the screen away and double checked if I was ok for the lletz treatment. I had the treatment and hadn’t heard anything by week 3/4 so I called for an update. I was told the following… I have clear edging but my lletz result coresponded with the high grading changes but many cells were ungradable so I’ve been put for an MDT meeting which is only held monthly. My results are in the next meeting and then they would contact me. Can someone else who’s been in the same situation please let me know their experience please. Thank you