Unexplained tummy pain 2 years on

Hello everyone

I was diagnosed at stage 3c (5cm tumour with pelvic lymph node involvement) nearly two years ago… treated with chemorads and brachy… NED since Nov21, all follow ups fine

Since November 2022 I’ve had repeated abdominal pain that presents a bit like acute appendicitis… two ct scans later and they can’t find anything wrong which is obvs good news but just wondering if anyone has had anything similar and if so had any indication as to what it is… the acute pain comes on about every two to three months and puts me in surgical assessment unit at the hospital every time

Thanks so much xx

@Clairey1610 could it be a gallbladder attack or maybe IBS?

When I have suffered from upset tummies and watery diarrhea is always being linked to my hormones being on the right HRT as helped immensely.