Unexpected smear test invite

12 months ago I got the results of my colposcopy/ biopsy which stated


“Biopsies show HPV only.  The smears, very encouragingly, were clear in terms of there were no abnormal cells and no evidence of high grade Hpv."  No further action till normal smear in 2020”


i discussed this with with the nurse at my doctors who didnt seem concerned and I didn’t really get my head round how there could be HPV in the biopsies but not the smears, And how this was all fine.


Anyways I wasn’t expecting to be re called until 2020.  However I have received a invite for my routine smear.

I had a total nightmare when I went last time (ended up in theater to stop bleeding at colposcopy) and thought I had a couple of years to get into the right head space.  

Now I don’t know why I’ve received this letter or which one to take notice of.