Unexpected and Unexplained Post Trach Bleeding


It's a bit of a random one but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of the below. 

I've been on the contraceptive implant since November 2015 and during that time I haven't really had any periods (which is fine by me because my periods were always horrendous). Anything that I had since the implant I wouldn't even have called a period as it would be three - four days of incredibly light bleeding but has only really happened olny two- three times since the impant was inserted. 

I had my trachelectomy at the end of January and there was bleeding up until the middle of March - however this was a result of the trach and so was pretty much expected. 

For the rest of March and April there was nothing - again, pretty much expected as I still have the implant and honestly I would have been surprised if I did have a period.

Except 10 days ago I started spotting rather dark, 'old' blood which at first I thought was because I had stained something internally. Then it didn't go away but varied between the dark 'old' blood, fresh bright blood and rather thin watery blood. All of which made me think there was possibly an infection but I've experienced no real pain or signs of an infection apart from what was a rather sharp, 'stabbing' sensataion where my cervix used to be. It almost feels a bit like pins and needles!

It's been 10 days since I started bleeding and whilst it's not heavy I don't understand what it could be. My options were - infection, internal injury or period. Then after a few days I started having period like cramps which was completely unexpected - since being on the implant that hasn't really happened. 

If it is a period is there any reason why it's being so odd? Any reason why there is a sharpness where the cervix used to be? Any reason why its taking so bleeding (excuse the pun) long?!

I'm not expecting anyone to necessarily have the answers but more hopeful that someone has been through something similar. 

It threw me a bit because I was hoping not to get periods since the trach and was hopeful that the implant would continue to see to that. I wonder if the surgery would have impacted that in some way?

Unfortunately my GP wasn't aware of what a trachelectomy was and so couldn't offer any advice! I don't want to bother my consultant or the nurses for what might simply be a (rather confused) period. 

Thank you!


If I remember rightly I had the bleeding after and then there was a gap of time and I started bleeding again.

I have more recently been experiencing sharp stabbing pains that come on suddenly but don't last long each time. I ended up going to my gp who called the gyno on call and they have sent me for an ultra sound, I had other pain before but thought best to ask gp was this pain is 'new' and only started recently. I then had my 2nd follow up with the gyno and she said ultra sound won't show much but has sent me for an MRI bearing in mind the only scan I had was my x ray before the trach I am hoping the MRI will be fine but I need that reassurance. 

Do you have a nurse you can call and ask? I noticed that a lot of people on here have a cancer specialist nurse ( I never got told about one). x 

Forgot to add that I am on the mini pill and don't normally get periods or any other bleeding. x 

Thanks Misstell. This whole thing just seems like a confusing and complicated mess and I suppose I was just hoping I could forget about it all for a while. No such luck!

The bleeding lasted about 14 days and I'm wondering if it was a period after all except one that struggled to come out because there is no more natural cervix and everything is scar tissue now. If it was a period it would be a bit of a surprise because it would be the first one in over a year but I'm going to see if it happens again around the same time in June. I have my 1st reoccurrence check (Colposcopy) at the end of June so I'll ask my consultant then. I think it was the sharp stabbing where my cervix used to be that threw me.

I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing pains. I'm hoping that the MRI will reassure you and that they find out what is causing it. It seems like trachelectomies are interesting surgeries in that not many people in the medical world seem to know about them or can provide easy answers!  

You're so right Gerry! It can a little frustrating the trach seems like some mmystery to health professionals! Did you ask at your follow up? I ask lots of questions at mine and sometimes they don't know the answer.. xx

My follow up is on the 30th June so I'm definitely going to ask then. I'm hoping he'll have some answers and I'm hoping it was a random one off! I guess I've just got to 'watch this space!'

When I went to get a sedative for my MRI back in January (claustrophia!) my GP was like 'oh dear, what are they going to do?' and I replied with trachelectomy which he had never heard of and so he responded with 'no hysterectomy then?' in an incredibly flippant way! He was lucky I was in a good place and just rolled my eyes at him. But it goes to show that unless the doctors specialise, not many know what the hell a trachelectomy is about! I'm overjoyed when I meet people that have! (which is currently noone outside of Jo's Trust!)

Yeah hope they can tell you. Or at least give some possible explanations.

I am still waiting for my MRI app as they messed up my bloods so had to go to gp to get it done again - hopefully I will get an appointment soon.

Yeah even the gyno oncologist herself said she 'didn't know' the answers to some of the things I asked. I want to get an hpv test and I asked about other cancers etc.

My gp has been really good and they seem to know what the trach is but I think that is rare! I haven't met anyone else off of here who has had one. I also had a PM from someone else who was told that they do not offer the trach in Scotland - which is obviously totally wrong as that is where I got mine!

How long does the MRI take? I am a little nervous but I just want the results of my last check up as well. x