understanding wording

Does anyone know what this means ive recieved a letter from my latest check up which now says my smear results show minor changes borderline?? Bit confused please help


from my understanding this means the cells have only very slight changes. From what iv seen of other ladies experiences on here, it's likely that these cell changes will be left & youl have another smear in 6-12 months to re-check. As minor cell changes can heal themselves I think doctors like to give them chance to sort out rather than jump in there & test if it could well be unneccassry. if yiu search back through some of the old posts youl probably find there's quite a few ladies with similar results. 


Thank u ive been called back to the hospital in april I have 3 monthly check ups at the moment I think they called ir earlyer as ive been having lower back pain and what feels like period pains im sure alls ok probley as I kepr my overies this coyld be a reason for the pain