Understanding what's next

Hi there,

Ive recently been feeling extremely tired and been bleeding after sex. The doctor sent me for blood's and my bloods came back extremely low in iron. They also sent me for a smear and the results came back as borderline abnormal changes. 

Today I went for my colposcopy and the doctor noted that she believes I have moderate or severe changes so took three biopsys. 

I was wondering if anyone had been through the same thing and how the changes are spotted on the service without no other results. 

Thank you! 


I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through, it must be scary. I don't have any experience concerning the bleeding and iron deficiency but it sounds like they are doing their job for you!!

As far as your colposcopy goes did you mean how can they tell if there are changes during the exam? They put a solution onto your cervix which highlights cell abnormalities, often from that they can predict what level of changes you may have and if you may need treatment to remove them.

Good luck with your results!

Jodie x

Hi Jodie,

Thanks for the reply. The iron deficiency has been the worst part at the moment just due to it causing tiredness and palpations. I'm very activity and compete in sport so I ensure my diet is good. Hopefully it will all become clear. 


Oh I see so they can tell from the solution. That makes sense. The doctor said at the beginning of the colposcopy that it will probably be a check over and nothing would need to be done. But then when the solution was applied she said that she's needs to take a biopsy as she can see moderate to severe changes...which got me worried. I'm sure it will all come back fine but needed to make a bit of sense of it all. I really appreciate your time. 


Its been hard as work haven't understood or doesn't want to understand what's going on.