Understanding Smear test results!

Hello, I am new to this forum & looking for some help/tips/experiences.

When for my smear, results came back - HIGH GRADE DYSKARYOSIS & INVASIVE SQUAMOUS CA HIGH RISK HPV detected.

Have, today been for Colposcopy, I had the LLETZ treatment after examination of cervix, still very much in the dark as to what I’m earth my results mean…

Consultant said he wouldn’t want to leave me and insisted on treatment today, said I’d receive a phone call/letter and that was that.

Can anyone shed any light and put my mind at ease, it’s going to be a long few weeks worrying like hell on top of other pelvic problems following childbirth.

Also advised not to ride for 5 weeks, that’s kept me distracted from the over thinking and worry plus my main source of income! :disappointed:

Thank you xx

Hi Janey,

I see no-one has replied to you. I’m not an expert by any stretch, but I think this can be broken down into three parts:

  • High Grade Dyskaryosis - this means moderate or severe cell changes
  • Invasive Squamous CA - I think this might be an abbreviation for squamous cell carcinoma
  • High Risk HPV - there are lots of different types of the HIV virus and only some types can cause cervical cancer… this is one of those types

To me, it reads as though you may have had cervical cancer that they have been able to remove through the LLETZ procedure. HOWEVER, I stress again that I’m not an expert and I would urge you to contact your GP/medical team for clarification.

Good luck!


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My apologies, I wrote HIV virus when of course I meant HPV virus!