Understanding Margins: Clear vs Involved

Hi everyone, this forum is SO amazing. Thank you for sharing all your stories.

I am a bit confused about clear margins and involved margins. So many of you have written about being happy for clear margins. However, my surgeon won't see me until my 6 month follow-up (post LEEP) so i am fending for myself after reading my LEEP results.

If my pathology report says "endocervical mucosal margin is involved by HSIL extending at the mucosal-stromal junction margin" does that mean I am not clear? I am just wondering if I am going to have to go through this LEEP h e l l again?

I am 39, no kids (although sadly always wanted them).



Also interested in this question, my Colpo report says : 

1. Cervix @ 6:00 o'clock, Biopsy: - Scant fragment of dysplastic cervical tissue. - High-grade squamous dysplasia cannot be ruled out.

2. Endocervix, Curettage: - Strips of endocervical epithelium and high-grade squamous dysplasia

I don't think they look at margins until they do a LEEP or cone biopsy because they need quite a large sample to review. You'll definitely be interested after your LEEP in July though!


I would say if your surgeon was happy not to follow you up for 6 months then your margins were clear. Unsure what those results mean but maybe its just describing where they found the cells that needed removing. They called me and said mine were clear and I could have a follow up in 6 months but if they were not clear I would need to have further surgery 6 weeks later. Thankfully it was clear margins

Thanks for this! The surgeon actually never called me and told me to see him in 6 months BEFORE the surgery even happened. It's very bizarre.