Understanding letter re: leitz

I had my lletz treatment nearly 3 weeks ago. Because I had CIN3 and hpv.
My letter states the following:-

The histology from lletz excision biopsy revealed high grade precancerous change CIN 2 with clear margins.
We will test of cure cervical smear in 6 months.
It changed from cin3 to cin2. What does clear margins mean and what do they mean by a test of cure.

Thank you if anyone can explain this, as I don’t know if I should be relieved or concerned.


It means they they think they’ve removed the affected cells.

They’ll take a smear again in 6 months just to check all still looking OK/ no further evidence of cell changes/has HPV infection cleared.

Clear margin means they got all the abnormal cells and normal cells were found to create a clear margin.

A test or cure is a smear in 6 months time. They will check for HPV and if positive the check again for abnormal cells. If HPV is negative then your LLETZ was successful, if not you are seen again at clinic.

Your letter is brillaint news I bet a massive weight from your shoulders.

Where about are you from? Your biospy resukts are super quick. I had my LLETZ 3 weeks tomorrow, still waiting on results, hoping mine will be like yours too. Xx