Under 25 with concerns

hi everyone 

I am 24 (I turned 24 in December last year)

and had a few episodes of bleeding after sex. 

I visited my doctor and had a swab (i couldn't have 

a smear as I was under the age limit of 25. 

I was not clear of the difference between a swab and a 

smear. The nurse who did it says there isn't really a 

difference. I went back for results and was told its thrush. 

i am still unconvinced... Haven't had intercourse since because

im too scared. Can't have an official smear until summer I think

When I'll be 24 and a half! Anyone with similar worries? 

That happend to me but I pushed my doctor for a smear I was 24 and turns out I had cin3 ( Precancerous cells) if u are really worried try and push him all the best Hun :)

Hi, there can be lots of reasons for bleeding, but it's still important it's looked it. I'm not aware of thrush causing bleeding (but I'm not a doctor).

Try your GP again, maybe see someone else in the practice. If your GP still won't do a smear test, ask for a referral to gynaecologist. With bleeding that would be a reasonable request. A gynaecologist can do tests such as smears or colposcopies if they feel it necessary, regardless of age. 

Good luck x