uncontrollable watery discharge after LLETZ

Hi, I had the LLETZ procedure 12 days ago under general anaesthetic for CIN3. 

Since the LLETZ I have been getting very watery discharge. Its like quite a big gush at a time every so often.

has anyone else experienced this? 

Sorry TMI :-/


Hi :-) just want to reassure you! I had my lletz done 7 days ago and have had watery discharge like water too, I asked my nurse about it and she said it's normal because the cervix has a burn. I also read on this forum many posts about women having this so don't worry it's just healing . Obviously if something feels wrong tell your doctor x

Thank you for your reply, I saw my GP who said exactly the same as you were told. :-) 

I'm happy to say that the water stuff has stopped now. Wooohooooo :-D x