Uncomfortable sex four months post lletz

Let me briefly describe my situation and then hopefully I can find some opinions from anyone who's experiences are similar!

So after putting off having a smear for far too long, it was on the advice of a friend that I booked the appointment and got (what turned out to be the quickest, stress free) procedure completed. Great, I thought, job done! Then a few weeks later I got the scary letter confirming an abnormality and a referral to Colposcopy for a biopsy. My boyfriend was amazing and came along with me for this. Again, a quick if slightly painful job and I was done.

It was the letter the confirmed CIN 3 and the need for lletz that scared me; but again my boyfriend was by my side and was very understanding about the sex ban that ensued..! I think I got off quite lightly with the after effects of the procedure and received a letter telling me they'd removed the bad cells and would invite me for a checkup smear in six months. Relief all round. 

My boyfriend and I had sex again after about six weeks and whilst tentative at first, I found nothing much had changed. It's now been four months since the lletz and I've found that sex has started to feel uncomfortable. Apologies if this sounds a little graphic, but he sometimes struggles to penetrate and when he does, it feels a bit tight and painful (Not unbearably so, just enough to cause discomfort) He deserves a medal because he is always very aware of how I feel, but I hate that what used to be an enjoyable and integral part of our relationship now causes us headaches! I've read that post lletz scarring can cause the cervix to tighten? Has anyone else experienced this (especially so long after the procedure) and can I do anything to help the situation? I'm aware that my next smear is due in July and this too could be uncomfortable?! Any advice appreciated!