Uncomfortable sex after colposcopy and biopsy.


I am new on here and have an unusual question I think?

i had abnormal cells (moderate) on smear test. I had the colposcopy and biopsy done. It’s was uncomfortable as you can imagine, had the bleeding, dark discharge and cramping as many people have mentioned. It’s been a week and a half and now when I have sex j am not getting wet so to speak. I am turned on and I want to do it but my body isn’t reacting. I feel dry and have hardly any sensitivity and it’s can be uncomfortabl. Is this normal? I haven’t read anywhere that this can happen and now it’s taking a toll on my sex live which had always been very active and fun. What should I do? 


Thank you 


Hi, What sort of biopsy did you have? If it was a LLETZ, they advise to abstain from sex or any other type of penetration (tampons, toys, fingers or douching) for at least 6 weeks. For other biopsies, I’m not too sure on, but I would have thought having sex or trying to become aroused at 1 1/2 weeks afterwards is too early! If you think about it, the biopsy has cause an ‘injury’ to your cervix and now it‘s trying to recover. Furthermore, having sex before you’re fully healed, may slow down your healing and even cause an infection. So, your body is trying to tell you how to heal itself. Which might be why you’re experiencing these problems. After having 2 LLETZs, my libido soon returned and I‘ve had not problems. So it’s probably only temporary for you. If you want to clarify when you can have sex again, contact your gp or the colpscopy unit.

Hi Thank you for your respons. I’m not sure what I had they just called it a biopsy and the doctor who performed it said no sex, tampons etc for 72 hours?? He also said that’s more because the chemical used to stop the bleeding would burn my husband rather than cause damage? I was gonna wait another week and maybe then see the GP. I don’t even know what a lletz is? 

I feel after reading your response like I haven’t reLly been given any information? 

Thank you Vicky 

Hi iv had 3 biopsy done at my colposopy and doc said 4 weeks before sex bath swimming tampons etc so maybe give ureself the month before you try again x

Yeah sounds like it should of been longer! I think he he did two and then he put this something acid on to stop the bleeding he said. That’s when he said wait 72 hours before intercourse, swimming, tampons etc. I said is that all for it to heal and he said cause of the chemical he put on and it could burn my partner but it should be fine after that.

I will just wait a little longer I think and go to the GO after that. 

thanks vicky