uncomfortable bowel movements


I am coming to the end of my treatment of chemoradiotherapy. At the beginning of my treatment I was taking codiene which really constipated me I had a lot of pain whilst trying to open my bowels and a small amount of bleeding. I told the doctor and he adviced I stopped taking the codiene and used stool softeners. I stopped taking the codiene about 4 weeks ago which helped me open my bowels. The radiotherapy than gave me diarrhoea so I had to take immodium until last Wednesday.  My bowel movements have now become regular but it is really hurting, it feels like I am opening a cut everytime I have to go and there is a small amount of bleeding on the tissue. I have told the doctor and she said to use sudocream but that does not stop the pain. Does anyone know a cream I could buy over the counter to help, I haven't got piles as I had that checked but I think it is inflammed inside and I was wondering if the radiotherapy has narrowed the sphincter like it can with the vagina? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  thank you

Hello,  this sounds really uncomfortable for you, it seems like you do have a small cut at the opening of the back passage called  an anal fissure.  I'm not very impressed with your doctors advice to use sudocream! Surely she should have prescribed something for it knowing your situation with the treatment and everything.  

You could very well have some radiotherapy damage and if so, maybe you should have a chat with the oncologist where you had your treatment as there will definately be something for this.  I don't know of any over the counter creams for this but you could ask the pharmacist for  advice on this, they may be able to recommend something you could use until you see the oncologist.

Hope you get help with this situation soon.



Hey I think you may be in a similar situation to me so I can really sympathise with you! My oncologist said I had radiation proctitis and gave me course of prednisone suppositories, helped only slightly but am going to ask for another course tomorrow. I think u should have been offered something mote suitable than sudocream!

Hi I too have that problem an it's excruciating the pain. I spoke to my cns and she gave me a paste that you put on the outer lining of your anus to kinda smoth ovwe the cracks so to speak making it less painful to use the loo and it really works. It's called intrasite gel ask your cns or oncologist ASAP 

Laura x

Hey all ..I'm only half way through radiotherapy and the pain is awful ..it feels like I'm pooing razor blades. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes. Sorry if tmi. Should I mention it today? Xx

Thank you everyone, im going to tell them again today and see what the say