Uncertain Distress!

I'm not sure what I am hoping to get out of this post but I am newly diagnosed with Cervial Cancer. I found out on Thursday following a LLETZ. I'm a little up in the air right now. I have to wait until the middle of next week before I find out any more about it as the gyno was unable to answer many of my questions. There is a team meeting about me on Friday and they will reccommend a course of action some time next week so for now, I play the waiting game and it is doing my head in. The more I read the more scared I get and it might be plactically nothing! 

Also, can someone paint me the picture of what I will look like internally if they remove my cervix? Is it a gaping sleeve direct to the womb or do they sew it up a bit? 

Hi Sparkle

I didn't want to read and run on you.

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Have they given you any indication of what you are looking at? like the size of the tumour they have found? They have come back to you very quickly so at least things are moving on your behalf even if you are not actively involved at the moment.

It must be really frustrating as it seems very cruel to tell you that you have CC but not really tell you much more, my mind would explode!

Have you got a number for anyone you can call for more information/ assurance at the hospital?

Big hugs at this worrying time 


Hi Sparkle

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. :( I was told I had cc at the end of October but didn't find out the stage until over a week later.  I was a total basket case for the whole week! Especially if I succumbed to Google. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find out what they plan to do very soon.  I felt so much calmer once I knew what was happening.  It just becomes something you've got to get on with. 

Don't worry about gaping holes. They'll stitch you up neatly,  whatever treatment they decide.  You don't  have to worry about a gaping hole. ;)

Sending you hugs and wishing you well! 

Kirsty xx

Thanks for the kind words, I'm just feeling so up in the air at the moment. I'm almost looking forward to having some confirmed answers if that makes sense. I'd rather know exactly what I'm facing as I tend to be a bit of a planner. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this support group :-)

Hi Sparkle!

When I was in a similar situation to you I was at least told that I might be facing a radical hysterectomy, that at least gave me something to focus on. It will take them a little while to work out exactly what is best for you and I do know how distressing it can be knowing nothing tangible. Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that the same treatment is on the cards for you, there are a host of options depending on the stage of your cancer. I strongly recommend that you limit your internet research to this site only, and don't go wandering off along Google's leafy lanes!

Sometimes it can be treated by surgery alone, there are some pretty good diagrams on this site. Sometimes it can be treated with either chemo or radiotherapy and sometimes (if you're very lucky ;-)  ) you get all three. All three sound a bit big and scary but I promise you, they aren't half as big and scary as they seem from where you are standing right now.

Be lucky


Man, the uncertainity continues... I've had an MRI and that is a WHOLE other story, talk about a freaky tube! The radiologist came out with the "awesome" news of "You'll be glad to know I don't have to inject you with contrast because the doctors have seen what they need to see"  - WHAT?! How big was it? What doctors? Who are these faceless doctors sitting behind a one way mirror talking about me? The worst part is, all these people know something about me know that I don't. I have an appointment to see them on Wednesday the 4th so not long to wait now, especially since my partner and I are driving down to it tomorrow and staying the night in the city. I'm fairly convinced that I am really sick and although I've tried to keep my spirits up sometimes they bad thoughts get me. Today has been especially bad, lots of tears. 

Oh Sparkle,

Another indiscreet healthcare professional scaring the life out of a vulnerable person with their ill-thought out choice of words.

It must feel like en eternity until Wednesday with a comment like that in your mind. Hopefully he was being chipper and meaning that he saw the area in your cervix and nothing else. I have everything crossed for you. 

Of only people thought about the power of their words a bit more.

Sending you lots of love and best wishes


Hey Sparkle

How did it go?

Lots of love



Hey There, I'm feeling relieved after my Wednesday appointment. I have a tumour that is sitting on my cervix so the Gynaeoncologist is confident that he can get it with a cone biopsy and removing my lymph nodes just in case. There is talk of a trachelectomy if the cone biopsy fails - hoping not! My surgery is on the 3rd of March, not long to wait now!

Hurrah! It feels so much better when you know what's going to happen doesn't it :-)

Be lucky!


Had my cone biopsy and lymph node removal this week. I go home tomorrow. it was pretty dreadful though, there were complications and they've cut my belly to ribbons. The lymph nodes were clear and I'm waiting to find out if there is any more in my cervix. My treatment is nearly over but it has left me devestated rather than relieved. 

Hi Sparkle,

Well done for getting through it. Sorry you are feeling understandably rubbish and that your scars look bad, it must be awful to wake up and find not what you were expecting. There is another lady on here, Michelle, who has had the same treatment as you this week and you might find some comfort in each other.

Big big hugs to you. Best wishes for a speedy physical and emotional recovery. Hope you have lots of support at home, and of course here on Jo's