Unbearable wait

Had my cone biopsy under GA 2 weeks ago yesterday. Honestly every day I'm sat waiting for the postman. Driving myself slightly insane 

I know that Feeling! 

Hi hettiee,

I see your still waiting for your results! It feels such a long wait doesn't it, how have you been sick centre your procedure hope your well

It's 4 weeks on Saturday for me but as they say no news is good news.

Hope you get them back soon 



Thanks Danielle!

Been wondering how you were and if you had your results yet. With my family history and my luck I am expecting a bad outcome but trying to keep positive, though every day I do lose just a little more sanity! 

The recovery has been worse than expected  (I did just reply on your post) it's taken longer than I thought It would. But I guess if the cervix takes 4-6 weeks to heal I suppose the pains won't disappear too quickly either. 

Hope you aren't waiting much longer for your results, please keep us updated! 

Heather xx

I had mine on monday and its already been the longest wait ever!!!!

Good luck all xx