unanswered questions after lettz

Hi ladies

This is my second post on here my head was a shed the first time and found this site really helpful. I had the results over the phone this week telling me that the lettz was successful and that all had been removed i had cin2 and that i would have another smear at my gp surgery in 6 months time. This is good news but i am still confused iv recieved a letter to attend a scan on my pelvis and abdomen and then meet with a consultant next month? im not sure if this is to do with when had the lettz had to go have the area cauterized again as had excesive bleeding and the doctor that did this examined my tummy and asked lots of questions i wasnt quite with it at the time so a bit unsure what is going on.

Secondly just wanted to ask as its 6 weeks on since the procedure should i still be in so much pain? im back at work now and really struggling been on my feet all day the discharge has stopped but after and hour or so walking my lower tummy swells and have pain both there and in my lower back when im resting its just a dull ache. i did mention this to my gp but he just said could be ligament damage due to the procedure and that was that. I dont like to keep nagging at the doctors as im a new patient and dont feel comfortable yet dont want to seem irrational.

Thirdly and lastly im worried about the hpv virus as the nurse at the colposcopy clinic said if it is my partner who has passed it to me means i could get this again? i just dont know where to go for the answers as there seems no follow up anywhere.

Im sorry for the longwinded post and i know i should be happy it could have been much worse but i feel like im in limbo land and thought once i had the results could return to normal.

Thank you in anticipation G x

Hey there, really good they they removed it. as to your letter can you not phone the colpscopy clinic and query why they have sent out this letter when treatment you have had has already been successful? really sorry im not much use hope you get sorted x

Hi, I am new here. But really need some advice or just someone to talk to, who is experiencing the same. 

I had a smear Nov 12 - abnormal changes & high risk HPV

Colposcopy & 4 biopsys done 10/12/12 - got results 3 weeks later (New Years Eve 2012)

CIN 2 - been booked straight in for LLETZ 30th Jan 13


This is my 1st ever smear. I am 30 in under 2 weeks. I had smears done before, as I have had PID & bad health since I was 16. But they refused these smears because of my age. 

Me & my partner have been complaining for over 2 years of bleeding & pain with sex. Bloating for days. Loss of appetite. Very fatigue etc etc & they just fob me off (it's a long story but the docs are not in my fav books - as they have let me down on many occasions). 

I have a rubbish immune system. I am Folate deficient. Don't eat fruit, veg, fish, meat, drink milk etc etc. I have never had a great diet due to my depression & health. 

I just got a letter saying CIN 2 & yes like everyone else. Also I was raped at the age of 6, I hear that early sexual intercourse is a high risk factor too. I seem to tick all the high risk boxes.


Anyone else going through this. I have an amazing fiancee who is so supportive but need someone who has experienced it to talk to.


Thank you loads Karen xxx


Sorry for the spelling & grammer xx


thanks for reply feeling much better pain subsiding at last! i have asked the clinic and they have told me the consultant that examined me wanted to check out my pelvic area and abdomen so still not too sure but will be asking plenty of questions at my appointment with him next month.

Karen please dont be hard on yourself i too blamed myself initially for this but the nurse at the colposcopy clinic who was great told me that in the old days before too much was known about the hpv virus that early sexual activity and or many sexual partners were to blame but nowadays this is seen as an old wives tale as anyone can have this virus it is very common and very easily passed even by skin to skin contact. You have been through so much and i know how your feeling its a scary time but  i am now on the other side and i wont lie and say its been easy as it as been a rollercoaster of both physical and emotion pain but i came through it and like you i also suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety. I feel in a much better place now mentally this experience has made me stronger and i hope once you have got through it you feel the same. If you need to talk or have any questions please feel free to message me and good luck xxx

Hi Gaynor

I'm glad your pain is subisiding. My guess is that theyw ant to do an examination because of the excessive blleding and just want to check all is OK. It sounds like you had a bad experience, making what is already an unpleasant procedure so much worse.

As for HPV...well, I have the same concerns. Seems no one really has the answers though! The Sister who dealt with my case was honest in admitting they don't know a lot about it. I was gutted to learn I have it and it does trigger the 'is it soemthing wrong that i did, i feel dirty' reaction. but you're right, anyone can get it, we just have the bad luck to catch the strain that does bad things to our cells. I'm really hoping it buggers off in time for my six month check up! I can't control it apart from staying healthy so I'm just going to focus on that.

Hope everything goes well for you xx


hi charlotte

will keep my fingers crossed for us both and all the other ladies on here! Im feeling almost back to normal now physically but dont think that little niggle in the back of my mind will be gone any time soon! iv had my scan but they couldnt do the internal as was not healed enough so will be going back for that one some time soon i meet with the consultant on the 12th feb so will update on what its all about then hope they made a long time slot for me haha lots of questions xxx



Thanks so much for replying. I am having a bad day today, can't get going. I went back to work Wed & then was taken straight back to the hospital with very heavy bleeding. Had more treatment with no pain relief. Now back off work to rest. Annoyed as I have other health issues, I haven't even worked 2 weeks this year & I have a great full time job.

Can see me being back on the sick in no time. 

I have lost so much blood this week & feel very weak & faint. Had enough.

Sorry for the rant, but not feeling well today. 


Loads of love,