Following clear punch biopsies i have an ultrasound this afternoon due to persistent backache. Ive also been getting an off colour discharge and feeling nauseas on and off for over 4 weeks. What can be picked up on an US? My husband says it'll come back clear, but im not imagining these symptoms! I was originally treated for an erosion, but still having symptoms and a general sense of unwell.



erosion can still cause bleeding after treatment as take a few weeks to heal, back pain can be related to a number of things I suffer terrible back ache due to labour and certain things can trigger a constant dull ache, your scan seems they are just checking your pelvis area, they will be able to give you results in the day unless it says on the letter its refered to your Dr, I had a scan 5 weeks ago on my womb and ovaries due to a constant pain and was dus to my coil she made a observaton that one of my ovaries were a lot more further forward tHan the other x