ultrasound results


Just wanted to come and say thank you to everybody who has provided support over the last few weeks.

I had my ultrasound this morning… they have advised that my lump/growth on my cervix is a nabothian cyst. I also asked about what their findings were from the colposcopy as i didnt really get much info then… she said that they saw the lump and also said that i have a firm ectropian cervix which im still not fully sure what that is but she said its not anything to worry about. During the scan she also noticed that i have polycystic ovaries and one of my ovaries is not where it should be (its tucked behing some other organ or something) which she said is prob why i get discomfort during sex.

I’m still waiting for biopsy results but it sounds like it will be ok… fingers crossed.

Thanks again for everyone who has provided support :slight_smile:


Hey this is great news! I had ultrasound with no findings, but did have ectropian, which can bleed and be troublesome to some and then can cause no symptoms with others. It's a harmless raw area, that when irritated can bleed (usually after intercourse). Are they treating your cyst? I have PCOS and lead a normal life. Pleased the outcome is good for you x

Hi Sunshinesmile I am so pleased for you I know how worrying it can be waiting for results but worth it when you get good news. I hope they get you sorted sson and you make a full recovery. Best wishes for a great future xxx

Hi tan1985

Thanls for your reply :-)

Im not quite sure what the next stages are at the moment.  I guess they'll wait for my biopsy result and then do a report... she said something about they will write to me.  I'm hoping that they will remove the cyst but a lot of what i have read says they dont tend do much as they can sometimes go on their own.  

Juat on that waiting game for the results of biopsy now... but from what i have been told today it sounds like it will (hopefully) be ok :-) 


Thank you so much xx