ultrasound referral

I recently went for colposcopy after i found a lump on my cervix… the colposcopy said that my cervix looks healthy and normal but theres a definate lump there. He couldnt see the lump it was only when he did an examination with his hand that he could feel it.

A biopsy was taken and i have now been referred for ultrasound.

The dr who did the colposcopy gave me no indication at all about what the lump could be… do you think he has seen something that is bad and didnt want to say without have biopsy results or am i just over thinking things? After all he did say that it looked healthy and normal…
I thought that the colposcopy could give them a pretty good idea or what ia happening down there.

Is it normal for further tests if it really is healthy and normal?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Hi Sunshine i am really sorry to hear about your situation it is worrying when we find a lump. The doctors who do the colposcopy's dont usually give you feedback as they are unable to see cell changes with the naked eye. It is normal to be sent for further tests I was sent for an Ultrasound when i first started having symptoms in 2014 i had an external and Internal Ultrasound no pain no side affects so dont worry. My results showed everything was normal at that time. I wish you all the very best keep us posted i will be thinking about you xxxxx