Ultrasound of pelvis after LLETZ??


i was wondering if anyone else has been requested to attend an ultrasound of pelvis following LLETZ??

I had abnormal smear showing CIN 3 in March and at the colposcopy in June the consultant said she would have to do the leep procedure to remove cells.  3 weeks later and I've been waiting to hear from the consultant about the results of the leep but knew it would be around 4ish weeks, then I got a letter telling me a date to attend for this ultrasound but no reason why! Has anyone else had to have an ultrasound and if so why? I really wish they would give a bit more information instead of having my mind go into overdrive thinking the worst! This is the second time within a year Ive had to have CIN 3 removed and it's got me really worked up now because they didn't ask for the ultraspy do the first time.

would really appreciate any advice or insight anyone might have!

thanks in advance