Ultrasound found two echo masses

Hiya I'm new here but worried out of my mind my story goes like this... I've been on the mirena coil after being diagnosed with fibroids and adenomyosis 16 months ago and heavy bleeding which is why I had the coil put in.. Anyway all was fine with the coil didn't have any periods either  until recently when I started having severe cramps... Back pain.. Heavy bleeding on and off and urinating more frequently and not being able to hold it either... Two gynaecologists did examinations and swabs and neither one could find my coil strings... So I was referred for an ultrasound to see if Coil had moved.. The sonographer said oh look there's two echos here referring to two bright white shapes on the screen.. Maybe ones ur coil which they weren't as my coil was in the right place... I asked what they could be and she said I would have to wait to speak to my GP my friend managed to get a pic.. She did also say those don't look like fibroids now I'm worried sick and the only thing that looks similar to mine is ovarian cancer pics I know I'm panicking but my mum had cervical cancer x

I know its easier said than done but try not to worry. Have you managed to book to see your GP yet? If the ultrasound lady was worried she would have booked you in to see a specialist right away i imagine. Just make sure you stay on top of it so you can work out what it is and hopefully relax a little xxxx

Agree with Shimmy that if they thought it was something really serious they would have booked you in to see a specialist straight away. I know it's hard not to worry but it's part of human nature to do this.