Ultrasound after Colposcopy - Why?

Hi Everyone.

I recently attended my first Colposcopy appointment following a letter with my smear results stating I had CIN3.   After the appointment (which was fairly painful) I was asked to make another appointment for a pelvic ultrasound which will be completed in a few weeks time.  Has anyone else had this and do you know what they are looking for? Is this the normal procedure?  I should have asked at the time but just wanted to go home and curl up!  



Hi Helen,


I have had one about 6 years ago, when my GP suspected (rightly so) a cyst on an ovary. Thank god, it just went away on its own, without any invasive treatment necessery.


Do you think this could be anything to do with it?


Tina x 


PS Know exactly what you mean by just wanting to curl up after colposcopy :/

Hi Tina,


Thanks for your message - I can only think it is something that came up in the Colposcopy.  I know a few poeple who have gone through this but one have had ultrasound.  Hopefully they are being extra careful and its nothing more than that.


Should you be getting results soon?



Hi Helen,

I’m hoping no news is good news. Will be 2 weeks on Thursday, so everything crossed.

Have you got a date of your ultrasound yet?

Keep us updated x x

Hi Helen,

I had an ultrasound following my colposcopy last year. Not sure what they were looking for, stupidly didn't ask, but took relief in that they were being thorough.

I'd call and ask them if you're concerned.