As previously posted I had to go for my 2nd Colposcopy after bleeding after intercourse (again),

however this time they didn't find anything. 

I've been told they're going to send me for a ultra-sound on my womb and my ovaries,

but they weren't really specific as to what they are now looking for or think the problem might be?

Any ideas or experiences anyone? Because now I just keep thinking ovarian cancer,

which is made worse as I know someone from school who got that at 15. It was not good, although thankfully she is still here today.

Any advice/opinions/ideas appreciated.





Hiya, could it be your hormones are a bit off? Are you on the pill and you've got breakthrough bleeding? I had bleeding like that several times. Try not to worry. Xxx 


i have just been referred for my second colposcopy for the same reason. I had bleeding after sex before my lletz and it's continued. I'm hoping they do not find anything as I had normal smear in nov- everything crossed. I know that an ultrasound for this is pretty routine as endometriosis and fibroids can alsI cause such symptoms. I don't think that post intercpurse bleeding is often associated with ovarian cancer.  I hope your appt comes through quickly and you get some answers! Good luck xxx