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Hello everybody,

I’m posting because I just had a voicemail from the GPs receptionist. They tried to call this morning, but I was busy and didn’t get to my phone until 5pm today. Msg was:

‘…we need you to come back and get rpt bloods today’.

I called them back at 5ish when I got the voicemail. Rpt bloods now booked for tomorrow at 12.15. The initial bloods were taken on Monday at 9am, after a particularly sweaty night’s sleep, so I may have been a little dehydrated.

My U&Es are ‘…very high’, according to the receptionist, although she couldn’t give me more details re. the levels. She’s very thoughtful, and tried to reassure me, but I don’t like getting msgs requesting I ‘…come back today’.

I’m now really stressed. Worried about all sorts. Mind in overload. Surely, a little dehydration doesn’t cause a ‘very high/come back today’ sort of response?

I had cancer (3b/lymph node micromets) in 2019. I’m on HRT, but menopause symptoms have been hard to get on top of, e.g., night sweats ++.

I’m very fatigued atm, but have always struggled w/ energy - even before cancer. I don’t have any other symptoms - no discharge, no UTIs, or continence issues, no back pain. Aside from some fatigue/menopause issues, I feel fine.

As I mentioned at the start of the msg, I’m just a bit stressed as to why the GP would request I come back today. I’ll find out more tomorrow, but in the meantime I just needed to get share.

Thank you for reading.

.Objectively, I think I’m just feeling a little vulnerable and jumping to worst case scenario…but if you have any thoughts about this situation, please let me know.


U&E levels (Urea and electrolytes) are nothing to do with cancer. It could be dehydration, or it could make you vulnerable for a heart attack - that’s why they want to do another blood test ASAP. Make sure you drink plenty! My husband had the same thing after blood tests - it turned out he was using a potassium based salt substitute unaware that his blood pressure pills would likely raise his potassium levels as a side effect. They wanted him back straight away to check it again, took him off the pills whilst they sorted out the electrolyte levels, then he eventually went back on his pills but no longer eats high potassium foods (like bananas, which he loves) and the salt-substitute has gone in the bin. It’s amazing how many ‘low salt’ products have high potassium instead…

The good thing is they’re on it - and your cancer hasn’t come back - but your heart is equally important and some of these imbalances (for whatever reason) are silent killers, so get checked out straight away. Xxx

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thank you @Jacks133. :slight_smile:

turns out it’s moderately potassium - 6mmol. I think dehydration is most likely. Still bit worried about renal, as my ECGs are looking healthy and good. However - as you say.- dehydration is important to get on top of, as I could drink more water.

There you go - pesky potassium, nothing to do with cancer. Drink more and cut down on too many high potassium foods on a daily basis (Google is very good for that sort of information = what has high potassium levels). At my 9 months post-treatment check they told me my alkaline phosphotase was high - I was spooked until I found out that it can be raised as an indicator of infection, and I had a mouth infection at the time.

Increase your fluid a little, and hopefully it will soon sort out! X

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