Type 1b CC just diagnosed

My daughter who is 30 and pregnant has just been told by the oncologist that she need a radical hysterectomy. She was married in July and all she wants is a family and is devastated and at the moment can only think about her baby's health not her own. We have asked about trachelectomy but the specialist thinks the cancer is too large. My worry is that if they take away her womb and her baby she will be so depressed she cannot fight back. Has anyone had any help our counselling to help them come to terms with this.


Hi Debbie, I am sorry about your daughter's diagnosis. I would like to share my story as it is similar. I was diagnosed with 1b cc in July whilst pregnant with my fourth child. I wasn't really given any choices as such nd had a radical just in August. Baby Jude was born asleep, I was nearly 19 weeks pregnant. I also needed radiotherapy afterwards. My opinion (not advice) would be...cc is not something you can hang around with. I needed to be around for the children I had, and although it was a horrible situation, I felt I made the right decision. I am still coming to terms with events and will continue to grieve for baby Jude for a long time. If he hadn't have been there I would not have known about the cancer so we are all eternally grateful to him. This is a tough decision to make and I feel for you all! 

Hello Helsweld thanks for taking the time to comment as it's like one huge black hole all this waiting. Im so so sorry to hear about baby Jude but Im so glad you have a good positive attitude. You're totally right though you need to be there for the children so I wish you all the  very best. Be strong.

Hello Debbie,

As I was reading your post I was really hoping that Helsweld would have come across it, so I'm really pleased she found you first. It must be without a doubt the most difficult thing to have to endure. I am so sorry for your daughter. I'm afraid all I can do is to give her a virtual hug but just maybe it helps to know that there are people out here who are caring about her.

Go well


Just to say I'm thinking of you all xxxxx

Thanks for the big hug Tivoli we could all do with it at the moment and yes it certainly does help to know you are not all alone. There must be hundreds of us out there right now all feeling the same, feeling that life is swollowing us up.

Thanks Debbie

Thanks Mollz, Im so pleased to see you dont need any further treatment, I see you have only just had your hysterectomy how do you feel now are you back on your feet yet hun. Keep strong


Hello Debbie - so sorry to hear about your daughter.

I hope the specialists explore all the options before carrying out the hysterectomy, It would be amazing if they could hold off until baby is born, however, the doctors will no doubt put your daughters welfare first.  

They say that CC is  very slow growing so I'm wondering what difference a few more months would make to her  situation, I'm sure you will think of lots of questions to ask the Oncologists when you see them.  

This is a doubly anxious blow to be given, as if being diagnosed is not enough on its own.  I send you my best wishes and like the other ladies have said, we're all here to give you support whatever way we can.  Please let us know how things work out.  

God Bless


Thank you , Debbie.slow but sure recovery! A bit easier every day.

Molly xxx


Thanks Sharon, it sure does help to know you’re not the only one and that there is life after being diagnoses with the terrible 'C' word. I’m glad to see you are now on the right road I’m sure its all behind you now. Though I’m sure there is always a worry at the back of your mind.


I’m afraid Kristi was taken to hospital at just after midnight on Thursday night and after a painful morning lost the baby. She of course is extremely sad but at least it’s taken away the worry of her having to make a decision about the hysterectomy (should she have to have it) as she wouldn’t have been strong enough to give them permission to take the baby away. She had an MRI Thursday night now waiting (yet again) to go back to the oncologists on Monday. Please send some positive thoughts for her.




Oh Debbie how heartbreaking for her, and all of you. To lose a baby in any circumstance is very painful, but to have to then face the big C ? I pray she gets the strength.  It's good that she has you beside her, you are a loving caring mother yourself to come on here to reach out for support for you & your own 'baby' I'm sure this is so difficult for you too.  Now that she's got grieving & waiting for results on her mind, I know you will be the best support she can have. Family are very important at this time.

You are all in my prayers.

God Bless


Hello Debbie,

what mixed feelings you must be having. It is so sad, and yet I am glad that your daughter does not have to make that decision any more. Please know that we are all here for all of you.

huge hugs for you and to be passed on,

Molly xxx

Hi Debbie,

This is just so sad. I hope that one day the fact that the loss of the baby was due to natural causes will be a small mercy. One thing less to consider during the next stages of the process. Going back to your question in your fist post, Macmillan have some great counsellors and offer marvellous support. There are also pop-in centres (whose name I forget but somebody here will fill in the gap) at a lot of hospitals where you can chat with real people. In fact the support network in the UK is brilliant.

You, Kristi and the rest of your family will be in my thoughts and I send you all the biggest hugs. I only wish I could do it in person.

Heaps of love



Sorry to hear of such a painful situation for you and your daughter, Debbie. I hope that the hospital will be able to give you a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan soon. Though my situation was unlike yours, I think all of us on here would agree that knowing what you're facing and having a full treatment plan is better than the waiting. Once you know what you're facing you'll face it together as a family.

Your daughter should in time seek councelling for what she's been through - SANDs is a great charity providing support for those affected by infant death; and us Jo's girls are here to support you and your daughter every step of her cervical cancer journey.

My thougths are with you. You WILL all get through this.

Lisagp x x

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