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Was wondering what the next stage in treatment option would be if initial chemoradiation and internal radiation does not work.

My tumour is grade 3 stage 2b with node involvement.  The size is 7cm.  This has not strunk yet.


Thanking you

Hi, I'm in the same position myself at the moment stage 3b with lymph node involvement and no change to the tumour, my consultant won't give me any information at the minute as to going forward.  All I've had from her is that they will review in 3 months following my last brachytherapy treatment and if there's still no change will do another 3 month follow up.  Sorry I can't help any further but I wish you all the very best xx

Hi MichelleP

Sorry to hear your in the same position.  This is so hard, my husband ran off with a friend of ours when he found out I was ill she,s 23 yrs younger.  I am therefore going throughthis on my own with no help at home. Have felt so ill this past week. Why wont they give us some idea of what the next step is.