Two years today

Hi ladies,

Today's my 2-year hyster-versary. It's weird, my diagnosis date passed me by but this has hit me like a brick. How does everyone else feel around the Big Dates?

I'd like to say I'm bounding round with energy and having loads of sex and mentally a new person, but in all honesty I feel like an old lady with zero sex drive, I'm overweight, I have acne and I am pretty low.

Urgh! This anniversary has come as a reminder that it's 2 years...2 whole years and I still feel like crap.

Maybe time for a review at the docs as I've been on an anti-depressant for a year but don't think it's doing much anymore.

Hope you're all doing well xxx

Hi again Jo… Sorry to hear you’re so low :frowning: … I definately think you should speak to your doctor… Or maybe your consultant? … It’s not fair on you to suffer. You’ve had the hard part things should be getting better!
I’m by no means the person I was before my op… But I’m happy with the new me.

Take care, lots of hugs and love.
Em xxx

Thanks Em! I hope you're doing well?

Think I need to set myself some things to look forwards to. I've got a personal trainer at the gym now so slowly getting back in to shape, just got a loooong way to go!

I feel guilty as I know I should be grateful and happy that I'm alive and healthy and it could have been so much worse!

I'm just going to wallow a bit today and crack on tomorrow :)


Hi Jo

Those anniversaries certainly bring the memories back don't they.  At least that is in the past now and we are moving forward.

I'm certainly not the woman I was, some bits are better though and those are the bits I try to concentrate on.

Have you considered counselling?  I havent had it but I've read many posts of ladies that have and they really recommend it.

Big hugs


Hi Jo,

So sorry to hear how low you are feeling. I went into a massive slump and found counselling really worked. See if you can get a referral as it's so much better a long-term option than anti-depressant medication.

Wishing you all the best for a bright and shiny future :-)



Hi Jo,


Sorry to hear you are feeling low. Anniversaries and the 3 month check ups always bring it home again don't they. Did you keep your ovaries? It may be worth getting your hormone levels checked if they haven't done this already?

Sending you a big hug.

Tess xx

Hi Jo,

I would definitely follow the advice from Tess about getting your hormone levels checked. I've read that ovaries do fail quite often after an RH and it would be worth checking you're not going through the menopause. If you are, there are things they can prescribe to help. :)

Hug from me too! 


Kirsty xx

Hi Jo. Glad to hear you are a survivor but sad to hear you are feeling low. I was told menopause symptoms can be delayed. I'd pay your GP a visit and ask for a once over. You could have a blood test that would show if your iron levels are low. Our bodies take such a battering never mind our emotions, lots of ladies struggle for a long time after their operations to come to terms with what has happened to them. Counselling definitely helped me sort my head out a bit.

lots of love to you and a big hug, you deserve it!

Hi all my friends. Today I was officially signed off, considered cured of cervical cancer five years after being diagnosed.
The journey has not been easy, I have side effects from the treatment, but do you know what ladies I am here I feel well, and I am very much alive. I left the hospital at 10 o'clock this morning, with every intention of going shopping . Instead I ended up with friends I had not seen for a while, who took me on a wonderfully alcoholic journey!! 
Tomorrow is another day, but right now this very minute I feel free, So I thought I would share it with you all.

I wanted to make a new topic but was not accepted, so I must apologise for hijacking your post

Wahey for u!!! Great to hear ur news. What a fab way to celebratectoo xxx

Hi Katie

What a brilliant post - so, so pleased for you!  Go girl!!