Two years on....

Hi everyone:

I haven't been on the forum or posted for sooooo long that I'd forgotten my password and how to update my signature! I wanted to drop back by to give some good news. When I first was diagnosed I would scan this board to see positive stories of women who had got healthy and moved on with their lives because at that time I couldn't imagine either happening to me. So, ,in that spirit, I wanted to tell you all that it's been 2 years since diagnosis and the hysterectomy and so far, so good. I'm on one year check ups, just had a vault smear - no evidence of HPV and am good to go. I also had a CT scan, because I had a niggling ache in my groin which I was convinced was the sign of something bad kicking off - sorry ladies, that little worry stays for a long time - and that was all clear too.  Yay!!

So, wherever you are on this crappy road, know that there is good news happening all the time and that one day, damn soon, you will be writing a post like this to encourage all the other brave women out there who are right behind you.

Wishing everyone well,

love t xx



Yay Teresa! :-)

Great to see you! Thanks for the update!
You'll find it won't be long now before those worries begin to fade into the background as well, I think for me it was at about 30 months.

Stay lucky! :-)