Two years on - I've been discharged

I've been for my final check up appointment at the hospital today and they've agreed to discharge me on the condition that if I have a problem I contact them. 

First of all she asked if I'm happy to wait six months for my next check up. My reply was I'd be happy not to come back at all unless there's a problem. She said that's fine, I will discharge you then.

Apparently my hospital are reviewing the follow ups after cc treatment and some feel that when scans are clear for a certain amount of time there is no need for an internal examination and to travel for nearly an hour only to be asked if everything is OK seems to be a waste of both patient and consultant time. 

Obviously this doesn't mean that the cc won't come back at some point but for now, I don't have to go back. 

Very mixed emotions, happy mostly but also a little bit scared xxx

This forum has been an absolute godsend and I'll still be checking in daily xx

Thank you xxx

Well Hi Philleepa! :-)

That's fantastic news! But I do know exactly how you feel. The consultants and the whole oncology dept feel practically like family by now, and being told it's OK to toddle off all by yourself into the sunset does indeed come with a mixed bag of emotions.

The crucial point in this is that if you have a problem, you contact them, not your GP. No waiting for a referral from someone who doesn't have the specialisms that their team has. I guess it's like leaving home to go to university in another city - if you're OK and happy and you settle in well then that's fine, but if you get anxious about anything you can always call your folks back home for some comforting.

I remember when you were just a little duckling! And now look at you! Swimming right across the pond all by yourself :-) You're going to be fine!

Be lucky!

Hi Philleepa well done - such fantastic news and hopefully newer members to this group can take hope and inspiration from your story.

I'm curious about this new thinking - another lady wrote something similar a short time ago. I'm coming up to 3year anniversary of treatment finishing (2b) and due a 6mth check up. Wonder if this thinking is localised or rolling out nationally?

Enjoy the summer sun!

Hi MME :-)

As I recall, Philleepa's team took a different approach from just about everyone else's. I'd like to think that their successes show a forward-thinking approach which will be adopted by others

Be lucky :-)

Well done :) ... ladies like you are an inspiration x

Thanks everyone x Tivoli, it's so lovely to hear from you, you were so good to me when I was that little duckling. I'll be forever greatful to you for helping hold me together when my world was crumbling apart.

MME  I think my hospital still do regular checks up to 5 years but they are reviewing it. The consultant agreed with me that as they don't scan after the first year or do internals it seems a waste of everyone's time to go and I should only go if I have any unusual symptoms such as bleeding or pain in that area. She said if I do have that, just to phone and they'll get me seen at the next clinic. They are wonderful but I hope I've seen the back of them xx

Tivoli is right about my treatment being different to just about everyone else's I have ever read about. I had 20 radiotherapy, 4 chemo and 2 long brachytherapy. I didn't need a full bladder and I wasn't advised to avoid scented creams etc x 

Very lucky xxx



Hi Philleepa, I was so happy to read your post and that things are still good for you, I often think about you and wonder how you are xx 


Hi Tivoli, it's really great to hear from you, another lady that I think about and wonder how things are xx


Sending you both my love and best wishes.

Hi Mel

Lovely to hear from you too x I followed your journey too, you were a bit ahead of me in your journey. I am pleased to hear you are well.

Love to you too x 

I am so happy for you Phillips. I don't blame you for being her. All the best with everything. Xx

Yay Phileepa... that's such great news. What a milestone, what a woman! 

You are always so supportive on here and I am so glad you shared your news.

Also nice to see some friendly faces pop back on here ... Mel Jones and Tivoli :)


Rosie xx

Fantastic news all my love and good health to you 

Love Leanne xx

This is brilliant news! And so lovely to see a lot of the old names!!!!!!!! We're still here girls! Xx

fab news

you were my go to blog during my treatment and took most of the fear away




Such wonderful news!!!!


Brilliant news well done x

Great news. Pray all stay great for you :-)