Two weeks post Lletz

I had a Lletz under GA 15 days ago. I expected some bleeding for 4 weeks after as described by the surgeon, but was expecting more of a bloody discharge by now. I am bleeding fresh blood every day, which seems worse if i am a little more active. My husband has been doing majority of household chores but i have needed to work, do school runs and generally just move about, but whenever i do, the bleeding gets worse.
I’m not at the point of soaking through pads or anything but i am just so fed up of bleeding like this. I constantly feel drained and exhausted and keep thinking if i had a cut on my leg that bled like this continously for two weeks, id have probably had it seen to by now!
I had an endometrial ablation 2 years ago so no longer get periods so i know its not this.
Is this normal or should i start to worry?

Also because ive been wearing pads for two weeks, they’ve caused chafing and ive had to bandage the top of my legs too!

Im just really fed up with it all.

You may need to rally the troops to handle all the day to day chores so you can focus on rest more! There’s a lot of pressure on your cervix when your up and about and when the blood gets pumping it can make you bleed more. Maybe prioritize a few days to just try and stay in bed to give your body a little bit of a healing jump start. If you’re really concerned it won’t hurt at all to call your doctor and have a chat. Sometimes infection or an exposed vein can cause more bleeding and those are both things that can be fixed. I hope you feel better soon!

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I could of wrote this exact post myself!

I had my LLETZ under general on the 20th April and I have been bleeding since the day the procedure was done. I have also had an ablation so don’t have periods either! Wearing pads for this long with no end in sight is really frustrating and uncomfortable :cry: along with the wait for results too!

Sorry, not much help but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone xxx

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