Two weeks completed !

Two weeks Chemo Rads completed, now have new sickness tablets and feel much better. I hope I continue to feel as well as this - I will keep you posted.

Best wishes to you all xxx

Yaay to feeling okay! Nearly half way there. Glad anti sickness is working-class do they prescribe them routinely? I hate feeling sick :-/ Ahhhh starting to properly freak out- it's just all too much to take in and process. My emotions are all over the place!

Good luck for next week 

Rachel x

Well done Diane the weeks really do pass fast it's all the waiting around I find hard as for treatment it's quit quick have a lovely bank holiday big hugs xxx

Hi rachh81 when do u start treatment am sure you will be fine am on wk 5 on Monday and feel great the sickness stopped after 2nd wk my bowls have been playing up thou big Huggs and have a good wk end xxx

Well done Diane :-)

Trotting along beside you.

Don't worry Rachel, anti-sickness pills are routine, if you aren't offered I would be surprised but ask. To date it seems that Emend knock spots off others.

Be lucky



Hi all, Thank you for being so amazing :-)

Don't have a start date as yet but hoping it will be in the next few weeks. Have appointment with oncologist Tuesday to discuss treatment and gynae to discuss moving my ovaries out of the way first. So much to decide and take in and so little time to do it.

Enjoy your weekends ladies. We're spending it with family-the best way.

Rachel x

Hi lovely ladies,

my third week will be complete tomorrow which is good, but I am really struggling with bowel issues. I have an inflammatory bowel condition which was in control until the Chemo Rads have now knocked it for six ! I was having very little sleep as I was back and forth to the loo every 20mins, and I feel like I am on fire down below ! I had an urgent appt with my bowel consultant yesterday, and now on a crash course of steroids for 6 weeks to hopefully calm it down.

Good luck, best wishes, and great big hugs to you all, I'll keep you posted. xxxxx

Just a quick update I finished my chemo today woo and my rads tomorrow am feeling shatterd now think it's all catched up with me had an app with consultant after my MRI scan which I was stressing over but my tumor has shrunk she showed me on the screen it's tiny now so start my bracky treatment on Monday but need a blood transfuction first boo  but am nearly at the finishing line and feeling great as I really thourt the treatment wasn't working as I was feeling so well xxx hope your feeling better soon Diane big hugs xxx

Hi Diane,

So sorry to hear about the bowels, mine became pretty unpredicable part-way through, scary on long bus journeys with no toilet! I'm really hoping your bowel consultant can fix this for you.

Hi Cvs,

Nearly there! Good luch with the rest of it :-)

Be lucky everyone :-)