TWO WEEK WAIT ??! Is this normal ??

I noticed at my colposcopy appointment that I was referred as a two week wait !!

I know this means suspected cancer and to be seen no later that two weeks / urgent !!

Dose anyone know if this is standard for server abnormal smear results or a reflection on something they found ???

Hi Honey,

I was seen a week after my results of low grade dyskaryosis. I worried about being seen so soon but i think they will always aim to see you as soon as they can.

I don't know how it all works but my Dr also told me it was urgent and I neededto be seen in a week but I couldn't get an appointment for another two weeks so when I told my gp she said that it was ok. 

Ugh now I'm starting to worry more.

I just re read your post,  mine is a pap test that my gp said I needed to see a specialist for within a week.  Maybe they are trying to not keep you guessing for to long seems they understand the anxiety it causes by not knowing