Two normal paps but had a colpocopy

Hi. I'm Shea. I am 28 with 3 daughters. One of which I had when I was 16 years old. For the last 6 months or so I have been having heavy bleeding during and after intercourse, in which I would bled for up to a day or two. I have severe pain with deep penetration and low back pain. I am always tired, but that could be due to 3 children. I went to my gyno yesterday and he said that my cervix looks great with no lesions or polyps. He said he wanted to do a colposcopy with a biopsy of my intracervical cells but he did have a hard time passing the opening of the upper cervix close to my uterus. He said that it is not normal to bleed everytime i am intimate and that he will call with the results of the biopsy within the week. He seemed concered that something may be "lurking" higher up and if the biopsy come back normal he may want to do a d and c to further the reason for the bleeding because it is not right that it just started doing this this year. My question is, whatvare they lookimg for? Should I be concerned? I have had this nagging feeling that something is wrong for sometime now and my intuition is usually correct. It is hard to find any info about normal paps but having a colposcopy or bleeding during sex. I guess i just need help putting my mind at ease and really need someone to talk to. This is an intimate problem and embarrassing everytime i try to be intimate with my husband. Can anyone just let me know what to expect or had anyone dealt with this?