Two month wait for Lletz. Normal?

Hi so had my colposcopy on feb 16, got my results of cin2 on Tuesday, just heard that my lletz isn't until May 5. That's nearly 3 months after my biopsy, aren't they leaving it a bit late? Should I go private?

thanKs :-)



My colp and biopsy was dec and my lletz in feb. I wouldnt panic too much if i was you if they were more worried they would wish you through. I know it doesnt help you buy maybe ladies at your clinic who were diagnosed with CIN3 are being put through slightly quicker because of obvious reasons. As mentioned in previous posts in can take upto 10years to develop into cc.

Try not to worry at all :) x

Sorry about the typos! Meant to say rush you through! :)

Hi Alizee

That is quite a wait when you are geared up to have it done. On the positive side urgent cases have to be seen within 4 weeks so you are classified as a routine case rather than urgent. The idea of going private is appealing but expensive, and is unlikely to make any difference to your outcome, apart from peace of mind. You could try calling the hospital and seeing if you can get a cancellation on a regular basis. If they know you are persistent they will hopefully get you in sooner to stop you calling!

Hope you can be seen sooner



What would happen if I got pregnant before my lletz? 

Are you waiting kids? You need to wait. I wanted to start a family before my abnormal results came through. Reason is they can do colposcopys whilst pregnant they cannot do treatment-lletz. If youve waited this long it wont be much longer in the grand scheme of things. U want to be right first :) x

Wanting kids*

If you were to fall pregnant it would be ok, they would monitor you during your pregnancy to make sure it did not turn to CC. But generally it is a bad idea trying for a baby when you know you have bad cells. Your immune system response decreases during pregnancy and that is when HPV can get more aggresive as your body is not strong enough to fight it off x 

Totally agree Evie, my Gp knew I wanted to come off my pill and as soon as they called me to give me the abnormal results they told me to stay on my pill until my treatment had been done.  Which is what they will advise as you are the patient, it's not like your currently pregnant and they have two patients to think of, where then baby comes first and you have to wait.


You'd be much better going into a pregnancy fighting fit! :)

Hi Alizee,

Two months probably feels a long time, however the colposcopy management guidleines say you have to be seen within 18 weeks, so this is normal. Waiting times can vary vastly, and the ladies with CIN 3 tend to prioritised (understandably). Now that they are the HPV screening more ladies are being sent to colposcopy and so the service is pretty stretched. Unfortunately this can mean a long wait.

Letting them know you can accpet a cancellation can get you seen sooner. Also if there is more than one hopsital within the authority that does it, and if you can travel, sometimes this is another way to get a quicker appointment. 

All the best for your treatment.


But once I've had my treatment, healed and got a cin2 confirmed and clear margins (fingers crossed) and a checkup in 6 months, I can go ahead and get pregnant right? What I mean is I don't have to wait until after my next checkup? Im just scared in running out of time to have a kid!