Two LLETZ, two months of bleeding

Hi all,

Just looking for some reassurance really and hoping someone else might be in the same boat - I’m sure it’s totally normal. I had a first LLETZ for CIN3 back in March and bled for just short of the 4 week period that they say might happen. They found Stage 1 so recommended further LLETZ - done exactly four weeks after the first. I had a check up about a week before the second LLETZ and they found an infection so put me on antibiotics but there wasn’t anything that suggested to me I had an infection? But they obviously wanted to clear before second procedure. On the second LLETZ didn’t bleed for about a week (potentially was stitched up as I had the second under general), but now I’m 4 weeks after that and still bleeding - it’s definitely more of a brown discharge now and doesn’t suggest an infection but not sure if the fact I’m bleeding does?