Two lletz in one year

I just wondered if anyone knew is it normal to have to have two lletz treatments close together. I had my first colcospy last December and a lletz in January after Cin3 was found. I went for my follow up, and still abnormal results so had another colcospy last month and biopsy taken, results today show Cin1 and another lletz needed in January again. I find it strange how the cells can come back so quickly

Hi I had 2 treatments within 12 weeks of each for cin 3 and high grade gcin cause first one showed unclear margins so think it normal if results show it's still there

Hi LSand I had 2 lletz in 6 weeks I don't think having 2 is that unusual. A lletz is done to remove abnormal cells to clear margins often 1 lletz is enough but it would seem from the ladies on here that many of us have more. Take care x


I am assuming you had clear margins after your lletz in January?
The way that HPV works is that it enters the cells of the cervix and uses the cell's DNA to reproduce. It then sheds particles which move into the cells next to the infected ones and starts the process all over again. When you have lletz, it removes the abnormal cells and the HPV that is inside those cells but what can sometimes happen is cells which are infected with HPV but have not yet become abnormal remain behind. The HPV continues to reproduce inside those cells causing them to change and become abnormal. 
In some women, the lletz removes all the HPV, in some women, the immune system clears/suppresses the HPV and in some, unfortunately, it persists in the remaining cells and causes further changes.

Up to 17% of women require further treatment after their first lletz either because of unclear margins or because of persistent HPV. The good news  is that they are monitoring you closely.