Two failed lletz

hi ladies,


im new to the site but was looking for some advice.


when I got my first ever smear after I had my son at 21 it came back with minor abnormalities which was to get redone after 6 months. It came up with moderate abnormalities so I was referred to copolscopy. Under close examination it was decided i should wait another 6 months and tested again. By this time I had severe abnormalities so I received a lletz treatment. 6 months later, another smear, still severe. Another lletz treatment. Fast forward another 6 months (end of November) another smear. I get a phone call from my consultant secretary last week saying I now need a 3rd treatment under general  Anaesthetic next week I asked to speak to the consultant and got pammed off a bit with a junior doctor trying his hardest to be reassuring and explain its just precautionary. 


I made an appt with my gp and he advised that it could be cin 3 again but more than likely they are concerned there is a tumour. I really don't have any symptoms apart from bloating and lower back pain but that's not really new for me. No abnormal bleeding or post coital bleeding. Defo no weight loss, the total opposite in fact.


my main question is how could they be missing it with 6 monthly smears or could a tumour grow that fast??

Hi hon,

what a journey, you poor thing. I am going to do some guess work here, and make a suggestion, so bear that in mind! Have they mentioned adenocarcenoma to you? Sometimes the abnormal cells are further up the cervix, and I'm wondering if the lletz treatments are therefore not reaching them all and each time they remove a bit it leaves a new lot at the bottom of your cervix. Does that make sense? As to whether it is cin111 again or has progressed further, I don't think they'll know that until they get the results of the lletz, but you are clearly being monitored well so it couldn't have progressed too far.

hope that all makes sense!

Molly xxx