Two abnormal results


Im new to the forum. I'm looking for advice because I had LLETZ and cone biopsy taken back in December and when I went back for my 6 month follow up smear it has come back with changes again Requiring more treatment.  Is this common for the cells to be abnormal after LLETZ treatment? I don't have my appt for colposcopy through yet and I'm starting to worry about what it all means.

Hello, as for what I am reading here it is quite common.Lletz pricedure removing abnormal cells but hpv (which causing abnormalities) sometimes still stay within the body. So it is important to improve your diet and lifestyle to bust your immune system.If u smoke, def should give it up.

I had lletz where they found 1a1 cancer but very small. Had another lletz came back all clear. Then my 6 month check up came back mild changes. Had a colposcopy and he couldn't see anything. Took a biopsy and all came back no cancer or cin. Year check up in 2 weeks. So worrying again!!!!

I don't smoke and live a fairly healthy lifestyle. Nobody really mentioned that there was a risk it would need to be repeated again at 6 months. The biopsy came back fine last time, I think it was CIN2. I wish when they wrote to you to say you need further investigations that they would have the appointment on the same letter. Knowing there's abnormalities and having to wait for an appointment is stressful. Trying to work and look after 2 kids and always wondering if there's any post for me today!! I will definitely ask a lot more questions this time. Sorry for ranting, just feeling so stressed about the wait.

Even if you dont smoke, eat healthily and exercise it can still happen, some people are unlucky!

Do you know if you got clear margins at your first LLETZ?